How many employees does Maxim Healthcare have?

According to Zippia, Maxim Healthcare Group has 11,000 employees. The company’s workforce is 79% women and 21% men.

Maxim Healthcare, a prominent player in the healthcare staffing and home healthcare services industry, boasts a notable workforce across the United States.

Understanding the size, composition, and challenges faced by this workforce provides valuable insights into the company’s operations and the broader healthcare landscape.

How many employees does Maxim Healthcare have
How many employees does Maxim Healthcare have

Maxim Healthcare’s Employee Count: Evolution and Current Numbers

Estimating the exact number of Maxim Healthcare employees can be challenging due to fluctuations in the temporary staffing industry. However, estimates generally range between 10,000 and 11,000 employees as of 2023.

This includes both direct employees working in administrative and operational roles and temporary healthcare professionals placed in various facilities through Maxim’s staffing arm.

From its 1988 founding, fueled by a national nursing shortage, the company experienced significant growth. By the late 2000s, estimates suggest Maxim employed over 20,000 individuals.

However, challenges arose in the following decade, including a 2009 settlement related to healthcare fraud charges. This led to internal restructuring and a focus on compliance, potentially impacting overall employee numbers.

More recently, in 2021, Maxim underwent a restructuring, dividing its staffing and home healthcare divisions into two separate entities: Maxim Healthcare Staffing and Maxim Healthcare Services. This strategic move could influence future workforce trends within the company.

Maxim Healthcare Group Demographics and Statistics:

While precise demographic data about Maxim’s workforce is not readily available, resources like Zippia and LinkedIn offer valuable insights:

  • Gender: Studies suggest the workforce is predominantly female, ranging from 79% to 85%.
  • Ethnicity: White employees make up a significant portion of the workforce, estimated at around 60-62%, followed by Hispanic or Latino individuals at roughly 15%.
  • Age: Due to the varied roles, pinpointing a specific age range is challenging. However, a significant portion likely falls within the 25-55 age bracket.
  • Education: Given the roles filled, a large portion likely holds nursing degrees, allied health certifications, or related qualifications.
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Maxim Time Clock: Role and Impact

The Maxim Time Clock, the company’s proprietary timekeeping system, plays a pivotal role in managing its temporary workforce. This cloud-based platform allows healthcare professionals to clock in and out of assignments, track hours worked, and receive pay information.

Its efficient and user-friendly design streamlines administrative tasks for both employees and the company.

Beyond basic timekeeping, the Maxim Time Clock offers several features:

  • GPS verification: Ensures workers are physically present at the assigned facility.
  • Compliance tracking: Monitors adherence to regulatory requirements and licensing mandates.
  • Performance insights: Provides data on timeliness, productivity, and patient interaction metrics.
  • Mobile accessibility: Enables convenient access to schedules, paystubs, and communication tools.

News and Developments:

Staying updated on Maxim Healthcare’s news is crucial in a dynamic industry. Here are some recent developments:

  • Focus on Technology: Investments in recruitment technology and digital tools aim to enhance efficiency and attract talent.
  • Acquisitions: Continued expansion strategies include acquiring home healthcare agencies and hospice providers.
  • Data Breach: A 2021 data breach affected over 28,000 patients, leading to lawsuits and settlements. The company remains focused on strengthening data security.
  • Maxim Mobile App: Launch of a mobile app offering improved communication, scheduling, and timekeeping features for healthcare professionals.

Similar Companies and Employee Data:

Understanding the landscape of Maxim’s competitors offers valuable context. Here are key players in the healthcare staffing and home healthcare services industry with their estimated employee counts:

  • AMERIHealth Caritas: 40,000+ employees
  • Amedisys Inc.: 22,000+ employees
  • LHC Group Inc.: 33,000+ employees
  • Humana Inc.: 41,000+ employees
  • OptumHealth Inc.: 57,000+ employees
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It’s important to note that these are estimates and may not directly reflect temporary staff fluctuations.

Attracting and retaining qualified healthcare professionals in a competitive environment remains a significant challenge for Maxim Healthcare. Additionally, navigating evolving regulations, data privacy concerns, and talent shortages requires ongoing vigilance.

However, opportunities abound with an aging population increasing the demand for home healthcare services, and technological advancements offering new avenues for workforce management and patient care.


Maxim Healthcare stands at a crossroads. Its significant workforce reflects the complexities of staffing a growing healthcare industry with a shifting talent pool.

While challenges like attracting talent, navigating regulations, and maintaining ethical practices persist, opportunities bloom with technological advancements and an aging population demanding home care. The company’s future hinges on its ability to embrace innovation, prioritize responsible growth, and ensure the human element remains central to quality care.

Whether Maxim Healthcare becomes a leader in shaping this evolving landscape or gets swept aside by its tides remains to be seen

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