What does Maxim Healthcare staffing do?

Are you a healthcare professional seeking new career horizons?

If so, Maxim Healthcare Staffing is a name you’ve likely encountered.

Renowned as one of the leading providers of home healthcare, medical staffing, and wellness services across the United States, Maxim Healthcare Staffing opens doors to diverse opportunities in the healthcare industry.

What does Maxim Healthcare staffing do

What is Maxim Healthcare Staffing?

Maxim Healthcare Staffing, a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, boasts over three decades of industry expertise.

It serves as the vital link between top-tier healthcare talent and a wide array of esteemed healthcare partners, including hospitals, clinics, schools, correctional facilities, and managed care organizations.

Career Opportunities with Maxim Healthcare Staffing

Maxim Healthcare Staffing offers an extensive range of career options tailored to your preferences and goals.

Whether you’re a nurse, allied health professional, physician, or behavioral health specialist, Maxim Healthcare Staffing assists in securing suitable assignments, be it contract, travel, per diem, or locum tenens roles.

Benefits of Maxim Healthcare Staffing

Beyond job placements, Maxim Healthcare Staffing provides competitive remuneration, comprehensive benefits, and flexibility.

As part of the Maxim Healthcare Staffing family, you’ll enjoy perks such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, profit sharing, bonuses, educational assistance, paid time off, and more.

Plus, you have the freedom to customize your schedule, location, and assignment duration.

Support and Guidance

Maxim Healthcare Staffing is committed to supporting your professional journey.

With dedicated recruiters, clinical managers, and field support staff, you’ll receive personalized guidance to navigate the job market successfully.

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to work with diverse patient populations, acquire new skills, and foster professional growth.

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How to Get Started with Maxim Healthcare Staffing?

Begin your journey with Maxim Healthcare Staffing by visiting their website. Browse available positions that align with your preferences or consider joining their talent community to receive tailored job alerts and updates.

Alternatively, reach out to your local Maxim Healthcare field office to connect with a recruiter who can assist you in your job search.

Is Maxim Healthcare a Staffing Agency?

Yes, Maxim Healthcare is a prominent staffing agency specializing in healthcare services.

They connect qualified healthcare professionals with various healthcare facilities and organizations in need of staffing solutions.

How does Maxim Healthcare staffing ensure quality and safety in its services?

Maxim Healthcare staffing ensures quality and safety in its services by following several measures, such as:

  • Living their core values of diversity, integrity, quality, development, and innovation.
  • Having a performance management system to monitor and evaluate their employees and services.
  • Administering patient satisfaction surveys to collect feedback and improve their care delivery.
  • Conducting internal office audits to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  • Earning certifications and accreditations from reputable organizations such as the Joint Commission and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.
  • Creating programs and awards to recognize and reward their nurses and caregivers for their dedication and excellence.

Maxim Healthcare staffing is committed to providing high-quality and compassionate care to its clients and patients. 


Maxim Healthcare Staffing isn’t just a staffing agency—it’s a community of dedicated healthcare professionals making a positive impact in the lives of others. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career by applying with Maxim Healthcare Staffing today.

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