How long has Maxim Healthcare been in business?

According to officials, Maxim Healthcare Services is a national home healthcare company that was founded in 1988. That means it has been in business for 36 years as of 2024.

Maxim Healthcare Services, a prominent name in the home healthcare industry, boasts a rich history dating back to 1988.

Over the years, the company has undergone significant changes, evolving alongside the ever-changing healthcare landscape. This article delves into the company’s journey, exploring its milestones and major transformations.

How long has Maxim Healthcare been in business
How long has Maxim Healthcare been in business

Early Days: Responding to a National Need (1988-1990s)

Founded by Jim Davis and Steve Biscotti in Towson, Maryland, Maxim emerged in response to a national shortage of nurses. Initially focusing on temporary nurse staffing for hospitals, the company quickly expanded into home healthcare, providing essential care to patients in their own homes.

  • 1989: Launched home healthcare division, marking their entry into direct patient care.
  • 1990s: Focused on regional expansion, acquiring smaller agencies and growing organically.
  • 1996: Became certified by the Joint Commission, demonstrating commitment to quality standards.

This move aligned with a growing societal shift towards home-based care for seniors and individuals with chronic conditions.

Growth and Expansion (2000s-2010s)

The early 2000s saw Maxim’s rapid growth, fueled by acquisitions and organic expansion.

  • 2000s: Continued rapid growth, opening new branches and offering additional services like hospice care.
  • 2007: Achieved accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, further solidifying their reputation.
  • 2009: Faced controversy, settling healthcare fraud charges for $40 million due to overbilling practices. This marked a turning point, prompting significant internal changes and renewed focus on compliance.

They established a strong presence in over 40 states, offering a wider range of services like skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and personal care.

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This period also marked the company’s entry into hospice care, further diversifying its offerings.

Challenges and Controversies (2009-2010s)

In 2009, Maxim faced a major setback when the Department of Justice accused them of healthcare fraud, alleging overbilling of government programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

  • 2010s: Implemented stricter compliance measures and focused on rebuilding trust.
  • 2014: Expanded international operations with acquisitions in the UK and Ireland.

This resulted in a $40 million fine and a deferred prosecution agreement, requiring stricter compliance measures.

While the company avoided criminal charges, the incident tarnished its reputation and highlighted the need for stronger internal controls.

Restructuring and Specialization (2020-Present)

In 2021, Maxim underwent a significant restructuring, dividing its operations into two separate entities:

Maxim Healthcare Staffing: Focused on providing temporary healthcare professionals to hospitals and other facilities.

Maxim Healthcare Services: Dedicated to delivering in-home care services.

This move aimed to streamline operations and address specific market needs.

  • 2021: Underwent a restructuring, separating the staffing and home healthcare divisions into two distinct entities: Maxim Healthcare Staffing and Maxim Healthcare Services.
  • 2021: Data breach affecting over 28,000 patients exposed sensitive information, leading to lawsuits and settlements. Despite this setback, the company continues to operate and implement data security improvements.

However, in November 2021, a data breach affected over 28,000 patients, raising concerns about data security and patient privacy.

Maxim Healthcare Today:

Today, Maxim Healthcare Services remains a major player in the home healthcare industry, striving to regain public trust and improve its compliance practices. The company faces constant challenges, including competitive pressures, evolving regulations, and the need for technological innovation. However, with a focus on patient-centered care and quality improvement, Maxim aims to contribute positively to the future of home healthcare.

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Key Milestones:

  • 1988: Founded in response to a national nursing shortage.
  • 1989: Enters home healthcare market.
  • 2000s: Rapid growth through acquisitions and expansion.
  • 2009: Healthcare fraud charges and settlement.
  • 2021: Restructuring into two entities: Maxim Healthcare Staffing and Maxim Healthcare Services.
  • 2021: Data breach affecting over 28,000 patients.

Major Changes:

  • Expansion from temporary staffing to home healthcare.
  • Diversification of services beyond skilled nursing.
  • Restructuring into two separate companies.
  • Focus on compliance and data security following controversies.


Maxim Healthcare’s journey reflects the dynamic nature of the home healthcare industry. From its humble beginnings to navigating challenges and restructuring, the company continues to adapt and evolve. As it moves forward, Maxim faces the responsibility of earning back public trust, prioritizing patient-centered care, and navigating the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

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